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unban apeal zettz

reason for ban : Airbreak

whether at that time there is a staff or not, I do not know. probably because of my bad internet connection at that time, yes maybe some staff who watched me when playing from start i first joined on server until i at whitelist know that i have little problem on my internet connection. so when I wanted to go back to my base, and after I was in front of my base I got my Rusty Metal Sheet missing I thought someone had destroyed it and I decided to go into the base to check if there was anything missing after me in the base I also accidentally look in the direction of "time survive" and really time in the time does not survive survival I was experiencing "Time stuck" not long ago I was in the base I suddenly disconnected from the server itself after I log in again I was in in the base and when I want to open the goods storage box I suddenly banned by reason of Airbreak.
yeah i thought there was a staff at that time who was watching me and saw me suddenly getting into the base without opening his gate and he thought i was using airbreak. I hope the staff can understand my condition at that time. sorry if i have no proof that i really have time stuck at that time, because i think i will not experience anything like this.