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TS Rules

LostCity TeamSpeak:


1) No discrimination or abuse against other users. This includes all forms of discrimination and abuse, including both sexual and racial discrimination.

2) Do not abuse staff (past or present) and always respect their decisions. If you wish to make a complaint about a member of staff, see "Complaints" at the end of this section.

3) Do not disrespect or abuse members and visitors of LostCity on both the TeamSpeak 3 and gaming servers*. LostCity members and visitors include both people that have registered on the LostCity forums or simply used an LostCity services.

4) All users must not spam channel or global chat. This includes channel hopping, constant poking, text spam or voice/music.

5) Under normal circumstances, music is permitted in the 'Music Channel' only. Music is only permitted in clan and donator channels with direct permission from the channel admin/owner. Music in NEVER permitted in public channels such as lobby, police channel, admin area and help desk.

6) No political, racial or religious remarks, names or comments. This includes your nickname, channel names and icons, descriptions and avatars.
Anything that can be interpreted as political, racial or religious falls under this category. If you are asked to change something, you must do so immediately.

7) Do not impersonate staff members. This includes nicknames, channel names and claiming to be staff within chat. LostCity staff are denoted by server groups next to their names. These groups are listed below, ranked from highest to lowest.

8) Uploading or distributing distasteful or illicit content, either by the use of 'File Browser' or hyper-links, is strictly prohibited.

9) Uploading files to the TeamSpeak file browser is only allowed in your own channel (i.e. Clan or donator), or with permission from staff in a channel they oversee.

10) Any malicious activity, either confirmed or suspected, on the TeamSpeak server will result in an immediate action at the discretion of an Administrator.

11) Server groups are assigned by authorised staff only. Asking staff for a rank that you are not entitled to will result in said group being denied. You may remind team members that your rank needs to be updated either in-game or on the TeamSpeak, however, do not pester them.

12) If you make a request to a staff member and the request is denied, do not ask another staff member to overturn the original decision. If you believe the answer was unreasonable, forward your concern to another staff member of the same or higher rank. They will not overturn a decision unless reasonable cause is found.


Complaints on TeamSpeak are to be handled by any staff member (see 'Staff') online at the time of complaint, preferably the highest ranking member. If no staff member is available, two options are available;

Via TeamSpeak:
Complaints against individuals can be made by right-clicking their name in TeamSpeak and selecting 'Make a Complaint'. You will be prompted to give a reason.
With as much detail as possible, provide a reason for the complaint. A staff member will be in contact as soon as possible.

Via Website (Recommended):
A complaint can be submitted on the LostCity Forum (Complaint Section). When submitting a complaint, provide as much detail as possible and ensure that your ticket is clear and consise. A team member will check your ticket and assign it to the most appropriate member of staff. You will be updated as your ticket progresses and when a member of staff replies to the ticket.

If the complaint involves a staff member, please refer your complaint to another staff member. Your complaint will be addressed in private and, in most cases, you will remain anonymous. Complaints involving staff members are dealt with internally and to a high standard to ensure the credibility of LostCity and its team. The outcomes of staff complaints are not disclosed to the public, except in exceptional circumstances.


Staff are denoted by a small icon next to their name. Staff also have their rank and role shown in brackets within their names (for example, an administrator will show as "Nickname [Admin]").

The ranks, from highest to lowest are as follows;
LostCity Owner
Server Manager
Server Admin

Please note that 'Dev' is not a staff rank. The 'Dev' rank is given to members of the community that contribute to the development of LostCity servers through scripting, coding and professional design. This rank is given solely by Pretty Diamond, LostCity CEO and lead developer.

IMPORTANT: This document does not cover all applicable rules of the LostCity TeamSpeak 3 server and is updated consistently and without warning. Staff members are entitled to use their judgement when dealing with various situations and their decisions must be respected at all times. LostCity and the current team members also reserve the right to kick or ban a user at anytime if they are found in breach of any of the above rules.