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Rules for Invasion of Bases

Who ever invade bases without following these guidelines may be permanently banned and will have the own base(s) deleted.

For all types of invasions you will need proofs, screenshots or video recordings:

OBS: It is totally forbidden to invade bases with bugs, whichever item, (Ex: Boxes, tents, medkit, cars, clothes, signs, wood ramps, etc.)

1.1 - It is forbidden to Invade Base with Bike or some type of Bug of the Map because those who Break these Rules will get the base deleted and will be banned for 3 (three) days!

1.2 - Traditional Invasion with Bombs: Print or video of the bombs, the damaged gate and after the gate falls.

1.3 - Error of construction: For invasion with construction error it is necessary video record of the place and the moment of the invasion. (for this type of invasion the screen will only be worth if it is good explained).

1.4 - Map Bug: Prohibited enter in buged locations of the GTA map itself, does not include gamemode BUGS using boards, animes, timeouts, relogs.

1.5 - Jumping by Bicycle: This type of invasion is prohibited, and the same can be punished.

The proofs must be posted in the specific area of Base Invasion Proofs in forum, within 24 hours, the player will lose 100 score and the base will be returned to the old owner. (If the player punished does not have 100 score points, he will be banned for 3 days).